Swift bi-fold door

Swift by name, swift by nature. The Swift door is a side-hung, fast-acting, bi-fold door ideally suited for emergency service appliance bays and other industrial applications where safety, reliability, speed of operation, durability and security are prime considerations.

Automatic operation takes only seven seconds from closed to fully open - regardless of size. In the event of a power failure or for hand-operated doors, manual operation is effortless - allowing access in as little as two seconds. No other door will give you this speed of operation and full security at all times.

The Swift door is available in seven different leaf configurations, with any combination of one, two or three leaves hinged to one or both jambs.

Applications Include:

Fire stations, ambulance stations, train sheds, vehicle workshops, goods-in bays, water and sewage treatment works, vehicle spray booths, sports halls, etc.

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with CPD, and CE marked.
  • Fully compliant with the European safety standards, BS EN 12604 and 12453.
  • Tested for Air Permeability - Class 2.
  • Tested for Water Leakage - Class 2.
  • UKAS laboratory tested to 110,000 continuous cycles without replacement of any parts (equivalent of 15 cycles a day for 20 years).
  • Effortless and instant manual operation.
  • Leaves fold clear of the opening, requiring only 180mm side room.
  • Minimal headroom of only 150mm required.
  • Safe, automatic timed closing for immediate security.
  • Opens fully in only seven seconds.
  • Full height access available at all times.
  • Closes around crane rails, OLE or conveyors.
  • Fully compliant with Part M for disabled person access.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No bottom track - leaving a clear threshold.
  • Seven different leaf configurations available for ultimate usability.




SPECIFICATION - Swift technical specification.  Fully glazed doors, upto 6m high.

SPECIFICATION - Swift SEW technical specification - insulated panel door above 6m high - for Train and Tram depots.

SPECIFICATION - Swift technical specification.  Insulated panel doors, upto 6m high.

BROCHURE - Phoenix range incorporating Swift, Osprey and Kingfisher doors.

DRAWING - Swift 2+0 manually operated

CAD DRAWING - Swift 2+0 leaf manually operated