Osprey Multi Leaf Sliding Folding Door

An extremely versatile door from the Phoenix range, Osprey combines robust design with modern appearance to provide the ideal door system for wider span openings.

Factory tested for over 250,000 continuous operations, this multi-leaf sliding folding door has been rigorously engineered to provide years of reliable service.

Applications Include:

Small aircraft and helicopter hangars, military vehicle garages, workshops, loading bays, TA garages, bus garages, power stations, etc.

Key Features

  • Sealed for life, self-lubricating hinges and guides.
  • Innovative flat panel, single-piece insulated construction.
  • Weathertight seals for low heat loss - tested in highly exposed locations.
  • Maximum height 6 metres.
  • Maximum width 20 metres for powered doors. Unlimited width for manually operated doors.
  • Power operation available for doors up to 100m2.
  • Fully compliant with BS EN 12453 and BS EN 12604.
  • Laboratory tested to reduce noise by 25dB.
  • Soffit or sidewall mounting.
  • Easy-to-clean galvanised bottom guide track with built-in threshold bar.
  • Installed easily and simple to maintain.



SPECIFICATION - Osprey full technical specification

DRAWING - Osprey, manual, fully floating, single bunch, folding clear of the opening

DRAWING - Osprey manual, fully floating 1-way, between jambs

DRAWING - Osprey, electric, folding to 1-side

DRAWING - Osprey, fully floating, clear of the opening, 2 or more bunches

DRAWING - Osprey, manual, fully floating, between jambs, multiple sections